Alien Invasion: Reptilians, Cetaceans, and Frequency Wars on Planet Earth


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Paperback: 64 pages
Publisher: Auriga Books, First Edition (Paperback April 16, 2013, eBook Sept. 23, 2012)
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ISBN-10: 0-9763920-2-X
ISBN-13: 978-0-9763920-2-6

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Alien Invasion: Reptilians, Cetaceans, and Frequency Wars on Planet Earth

Author: Wuono
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In the distant past, Reptilian star-travelers conquered humanity. These demon-possessed body-forms cruelly exploited the subjugated humans. Another race of beings called Cetaceans came to help humans liberate themselves from Reptilian domination.

This is a true-story account of Cetaceans’ efforts on Planet Earth. The narrator is Wuono, a Cetacean who has infiltrated the humans by merging with a human body-form. In this book, you will discover deep secrets that have been hidden from you for centuries, namely, that there is a frequency war being waged between Reptilians and Cetaceans on Earth.

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Reader Reviews
"Intensely practical. An eye-opening and informative guide to what's going on in the world today and why--and what we can do in response."
~ Jeff Daugherty, The Jeff Daugherty Show

"This latest Auriga book offers a bold new perspective on the controversial subject of an Alien Invasion. Alien presence on earth is presented as ranging from benign intervention to predatory oppression depending upon the species in question. Showing Reptilian Aliens to be an ominous threat to humanity against which we must join forces and rebel, other higher dimension Aliens are announced as benevolent invaders having secretly infiltrated humanity to help free this planet. An intergalactic war would therefore be playing out on the battlefield of planet earth. 

"To the difference of many other books on the topic, this work is the first I have encountered which integrates the complexities of multidimensional physics and correlates historic information pertaining to disincarnate entities from the 'spirit world' with the physical entities interacting with us in our own time space. Indirectly, this addresses the related issue of angelic or demonic possession, whereby humans or aliens might become hosts to another entity much like in the science fiction movie, Avatar

"Along with its warnings to an unsuspecting human population, this book reassures the reader that all is not lost thanks to the presence of benevolent aliens seeking to help reestablish human rule over our home planet. They do not aggressively possess humans as hosts, but instead incarnate on earth as humans, being born into the population as rather exceptional infants. Those who remain undetected by hostile aliens and survive to adulthood then carry out aspects of the battle plans, partly in the form of spiritual warfare, being only partially conscious of their role so as to remain stealth.

"This brings to light that not all whom we perceive as humans are entirely human. Some might come from elsewhere in human form, whereas others might come from elsewhere as disincarnate souls and incarnate in human form, seeming to all to be entirely human until their true nature is revealed. This fascinating book develops many new aspects of the Alien Invasion while answering as many questions as it raises. A must read for any serious ufologist or investigator of Alien phenomena."
~ R. Oren, France

"Alien Invasion is a succinct 62 pages that explains a number of things normally considered incomprehensible.

"The values are clear.  Hodges expresses what many spiritual leaders embrace: universal peace, gentleness to all life forms, non-linear time, self as an energy body inhabiting a physical body, etc.

"Clarifying the corporate takeover of our lives, the book gives details for improving quality of life. It suggests ways to reverse negativity, to grow the positive, to live humanely and well.

"Beyond that, Hodges channeled information agrees with many experts who believe aliens exist and present a hazard to earth dwellers.

"Interesting, informative, well written, Alien Invasion is a page-turner for readers to devour in a sitting, leaving them wanting more!"

~ Ariele M. Huff, Author of The Perks of Aging: Blessings, Silver Linings, and Convenient Half-Truths and The Queen of Mean, The Conversion of a Cold and Prejudiced Heart

"In this interesting and compact work, Wuono describes to us his role in helping the people of the Earth. Wuono is a Cetacean from a planet called Lukr in the Zeta Reticuli star system (he calls it Ceta Reticuli). Wouno is one of a number of beings helping to stop the effects of the Reptilian invasion of our planet.
"Wuono explains that the Cetacean effort to thwart the actions of the Reptilians has been ongoing since the days of ancient Sumer. At that time, Reptilians came here from Alpha Draconis - in the Draco Constellation. (This ties in with what some of Michael Tsarion has written). Wuono warns that we have been subjugated by the “superior technology and firepower” of the Reptilians and we need to “awaken from our slumber.” In the past, Reptilians were more visible to us (hence the stories of Dragons), but they at some point started to live more underground.
"The Cetaceans have been involved in an ongoing effort to repel the Reptilians, who want to reduce the earth’s resonant frequency to the 440 Hz range. The  Cetaceans  have been using various strategies which help to keep the Earth’s resonant frequency raised to around 544 or 550 Hz – with mixed success.  
"Wuono describes how Cetacean beings have “hidden themselves” in the bodies of both humans and Reptilians in order to defend the earth against the hostile actions of the Reptilians. In both cases, human and Reptilians do not realise that they have been influenced to carry out certain actions in their lives – which all help to limit the success of the Reptilians’ agenda.
"Wuono also reveals that the Reptilians are not the real problem – they themselves have been “infested” by the Djinn – an evil race of demons that feed off negative energy created by making other beings feel fear, pain and so forth. The Djinn feed off this energy and therefore influence the Reptilians to carry out acts which create negative energy. (This ties in with what others such as David Icke have written).
"Wuono tells us that we can do several things in our lives to help create a higher frequency of vibration – such as eating certain types of food (e.g. becoming vegetarian), listening to certain types of music and possibly taking colloidal silver and wearing some items made of silver. It is stated that doing these things encourages our bodies to emit a “higher frequency” of energy which makes it harder for the Reptilians/Djinn to carry out their agenda.
"The ideas and information are presented in a straightforward style and offer some kind of explanation (whatever you may think of it) for the very troubling events that seem to have happened in past years and centuries. 9/11 is mentioned explicitly and it is stated (correctly) that an energy weapon was used to destroy the WTC towers (see the research of Dr Judy Wood for more information). However, one point I take issue with is that it is also stated that WTC 7 was a traditional controlled demolition. This conclusion is not supported by the available evidence – primarily that of the tiny seismic signature and the relative silence of the buildings demise.
"There are a number of similar works to this one and quite a few accounts have people channelling information from other-worldly entities (for example, see “Extraordinary Encounters - An Encyclopedia of Extraterrestrials and Otherworldly Beings,” 2000, by Jerome Clark available on Scribd).
"I personally have no doubt that an evil force, group or several groups is/are controlling all major affairs and institutions on planet Earth – and there seem to be a number of “light workers” who are attempting to limit or prevent this ongoing control – first by exposing that it is real. Whether you believe what is written in this book – and similar ones – as being literally true or not, I hope that it makes readers consider a “larger reality” – and how they may choose to play a part in that reality."

~ Andrew Johnson, Co-Author of 911 Finding the Truth and Researcher at Check the Evidence

"A fascinating and thought-provoking view into the possibility the human population of planet Earth are currently under a stealth attack by a clever alien race. According to the author, this alien race of Reptilians with superior futuristic technology are here on Earth right now. They intend to take over and control human affairs while they shift the human psychic and spiritual matrix into a lower frequency. Is this part of a larger mission, to hold back the human race from higher spiritual development and force everyone into a peasant class of working slaves? I suggest anyone with an interest in alien invasion theory, research or investigation may benefit from the information presented inside this book."

~ Michael Adair, Author of Forbidden Secrets of the Illuminati: The Luciferian Deception

"I was just musing about an entry in your book, where it says that the only way for the Cetaceans not to be discovered, and killed by the enemy, was to be born here  without any memory whatsoever of their past association with their background. This was obviously for their own protection from the enemy's mind-reading. Thereafter, they would have to discover their 'mission' through some means while they were here. Very good form!" 
~ Dave G., Everett, WA

"This book is a fascinating read that gives the reader unique information on the Reptilian control of the planet that is not covered in the average David Icke book."
~ Bryan Lauritzen, MD

"I read your excellent thought-provoking book. The unseen, unknown enemy, who pretends to be your friend or a least benign to your interest, is the worse kind. Thanks for letting me read it. I loved it. You have a best seller...

"Cynthia has written an intriguing book on how aliens (not from south of the border but from outer space) have invaded the Earth. Her book will appeal to everyone. She explains why the world is in such trouble. She has an original solution without bloodshed. Some will judge it the gospel truth. Others as science fiction of the highest order. Each person is free to decide which. It gets inside our heads to explain why we act as we do. I think Roddenberry, Asimov, Clarke and Heinlein would be impressed. I am."

~ James P. Hodges, PhD, Author of Beyond the Cherry Tree: the Leadership Wisdom of George Washington

"I've read excerpts from your Alien Invasion book. I am very impressed. We are on the same page. I read mostly and don't own a TV (by choice). I read a lot of books about who we are and where we came from. My view of the world is very different from most others. You are right on with everything you've said. The world we live in is a mirage. We need to explore new realities. I've been doing that, but its a road less traveled."
~ Peter Boritz

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