Monsieur Baucher and His Arts: a Serious Word with Germany's Riders

Louis Seeger

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Paperback: 110 pages
Publisher: Auriga Books, First Edition (May 5, 2010)
Language: English (original German)
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ISBN-13: 978-1070191966

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Monsieur Baucher and His Arts: A Serious Word with Germany's Riders

Author: Louis Seeger
Translator: Cynthia F. Hodges, J.D., LL.M., M.A.
Karl Mikolka
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: Cynthia and Bonnie Hodges
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Modern day dressage is split between adherents of the Classical School and those who are "competition" riders. Some techniques meant for competition derive from the training system of Francois Baucher. Louis Seeger, a contemporary of Baucher, was a dressage master in Berlin who trained with Max Ritter von Weyrother of the Spanish Riding School. He was also the instructor of Gustav Steinbrecht, author of Gymnasium of the Horse. Seeger was compelled to write Herr Baucher und seine Kuenste. Ein ernstes Wort an Deutschlands Reiter in 1852 after witnessing what he considered to be incorrect training techniques used by Baucher. He tried to warn riders that these methods would be very destructive to horses' training, and that the Classical principles were to be preferred. Seeger predicted some of the problems that can now be seen in high levels of competitive dressage.

Seeger's classic book, once only available to an elite group of European experts, is now available in English. Cynthia Hodges has translated this pillar of equestrian literature into an easy-to-read document that offers dressage theory that is as pertinent today as it was in Seeger's time.

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An excerpt has been published in the May/June 2010 issue of Topline Ink Equestrian Journal.

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• Seeger was the student of Max Ritter von Weyrother of the Spanish Riding School, the instructor of Gustav Steinbrecht (author of Gymnasium of the Horse), and inventor of the dropped-noseband.

• Translated by Cynthia F. Hodges, who has a B.A. and an M.A. in Germanic Studies, and 20 years experience riding, training, and showing dressage. She also translated Anatomy of Dressage by Schusdziarra. [See Classical Dressage website]

• Foreword by Karl Mikolka, former Oberbereiter at the Spanish Riding School and former Brazilian Dressage Olympic Team Coach.

• Artwork by award-winning fine artist, Bonnie Hodges. Please see Bonnie's Portfolio and a blog post about the book.

"Lipizzaner Stallion"
A signed 8" x 10" print by Bonnie Hodges is available for $12.98 USD.

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About the Author
Louis Seeger was an important 19th century German equestrian figure. He was the son of a court horseman in the service of Prince Heinrich von Preussen (Prussia), the brother of King Friedrich II. Seeger attended the Spanish Riding School in Vienna and studied under Max Ritter von Weyrother. After his stint at the Spanish Riding School, he owned the first private riding school in Berlin, Seegershof. Seeger was a board member of the Berlin Racing Club and was also awarded the gold medal of honor. He was an outspoken opponent of Francois Baucher's "Nouvelle methode."

Seeger authored the following equestrian books:

System der Reitkunst, 1844 [Translation: System of Horsemanship]

Rathgeber fuer die Stalldienerschaft, 1848

Zuechtung, Erziehung, Ausbildung des Pferdes im systematischen Zusammenhang, 1850

Herr Baucher und seine Kuenste. Ein ernstes Wort an Deutschlands Reiter, 1852 [Translation]

Reader Reviews
"Just a note to say I've received your Seeger book and am very impressed with the elegance and fluidity of your translation."
~ Kip Mistral, co-author of Horse Training In-Hand: A Modern Guide to Working from the Ground: Long Lines, Long and Short Reins, Work on the Longe

"The book you translated is making waves throughout the dressage community."
~ Karl Mikolka, former Oberbereiter at the Spanish Riding School and former Brazilian Olympic Team Coach

"Today, I finished reading your Seeger translation... I thought the English ... reflected a writer's feeling for and facility with the language."
~ Michael Fletcher, Translator

"I was on the edge of my seat reading your excerpts."
~ Terryn Griest, Topline Ink Equestrian Journal

"I received your manuscript today. I have read several pages and it looks very good and well done."
~ Richard F. Williams, Xenophon Press

"Thank you for all of those who will benefit from all the work that you have done."
~ Nadja King, Horses for Life Publications

About the Translator

Cynthia F. Hodges, J.D., LL.M., M.A. has an LL.M. in Environmental and Natural Resources Law, a Juris Doctor, and a B.A. and M.A. in Germanic Studies. Cynthia has written a number of animal law papers, has won a couple of legal writing awards, and was the former Assistant Editor for Michigan State University College of Law: Animal Law Center. Please see About Cynthia for more information.

Cynthia has also translated three books on horse-training theory from German to English and offers German translation and tutoring services. She has also written a number of articles on horse training. Please visit Washington Classical Dressage.

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