The Splitting Image: Exposing the Secret World of Doubles, Decoys, and Impostor-Replacements

Tina Foster

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The Splitting Image: Exposing the Secret World of Doubles, Decoys, and Impostor-Replacements

Author: Tina Foster
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Psychological operations involving doubles are explored in this book. Politicians, heads of state, and other public figures routinely use doubles for a variety of clandestine purposes. Some are for security, while others serve more nefarious objectives. Political agendas can be promoted through the use of controlled doubles, for instance. Psy-ops using doubles are facilitated through the use of technology, but technology can also be used to expose an impostor. Examples of historical doubles are discussed to illustrate certain tactical uses of lookalikes.

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Editorial Review

Tina Foster's "The Splitting Image" is a groundbreaking exploration into the clandestine world of psychological operations involving doubles, delivering a captivating analysis. Foster skillfully navigates the murky waters of political intrigue, security measures, and the shadowy objectives behind the use of lookalikes by politicians, heads of state, and public figures.

One of the book's standout features is its meticulous examination of the multifaceted roles that doubles play, ranging from ensuring the safety of high-profile individuals to serving more covert and nefarious purposes. Foster's research-driven narrative peels back the layers of deception, providing readers with a rare glimpse into the often-hidden aspects of power dynamics.

"The Splitting Image" offers a thought-provoking exploration of the real-world interplay between psychology and political strategy. Foster adeptly highlights how technology becomes a crucial tool in the execution of psychological operations, serving both to create controlled doubles and to expose impostors.
What sets this work apart is its reliance on historical examples to illustrate the tactical deployment of lookalikes. Foster's approach demonstrates that the use of doubles is not confined to the pages of fiction but has been a historical reality with significant geopolitical implications.

Through engaging prose and well-researched insights, "The Splitting Image" provides readers with an eye-opening journey into the heart of psychological warfare. Tina Foster's ability to dissect complex geopolitical strategies and present them in an accessible manner makes this work a must-read for those intrigued by the intersection of politics, psychology, and the manipulation of public perception.

In "The Splitting Image," Tina Foster has delivered a narrative that not only informs but also challenges readers to reconsider their understanding of the often-obscured world of psychological operations. This book stands as a testament to Foster's dedication to unraveling the intricacies of power dynamics and the use of doubles, solidifying its place as a compelling and enlightening contribution to the non-fiction genre.

Reader Reviews

Tina Foster has done a thorough and engaging job of showing - with citations throughout - how the Establishment has routinely used doubles and stand-ins - not just for politicians and world leaders, but for celebrities and anyone else in the public eye. Couple this with the manipulation of photographic, video and sound technology, and the potential for coercing large numbers of people to believe the most outrageous of lies is enormous. This information reminds us of how vigilant we need to be to avoid being duped, and of how important it is to have our conscious minds engaged, rather than being sleepwalked by our subconscious.
~ Mark Devlin, author of Musical Truth: Exposing the mind-control manipulations of the corporate music industry ... and how to take back our power

I first came across Tina Foster when I was sent to a link to her research blog. It was sent to me by a friend who had been studying the evidence that Paul McCartney had been “replaced” by a doppelganger in 1966. I had heard of this idea quite a few years ago, but Tina’s blog contained a compelling collection of evidence, which is definitely worthy of study. After studying the evidence she had collected for some time, I agreed with Tina that McCartney was indeed replaced some time in 1966. I even made a posting about this on my website. So, this was one of the first cases (not discussed in this book, however) which showed me that a person can have a double – a twin – which can be passed off in public as being the original. 

In “The Splitting Image,” Tina goes through various examples of where doubles seem to have been used, mainly for political reasons, and how this has been achieved. The main cases that are studied are Josef Stalin, Lee Harvey Oswald and Saddam Hussein. Tina has compiled a comprehensive list of references showing that each of these historical figures seem to have had doubles. (The reasons for having doubles are also discussed.) Other examples are also worth knowing about – such as Winston Churchill and General Montgomery. Aspects of how doubles are created and employed are also discussed. Tina admits that some of the evidence is anecdotal... However, certain accounts are very well documented. The references make up approximately half of the text of this book, so the reader can check these if they so wish!

Overall, it is an interesting and fairly compelling assemblage, which helps to strengthen the reader’s awareness of the way that doubles can be used as yet another tool of deception, to further the aims and agenda of those running the planet.
~ Andrew Johnson, Jan. 2017 (webmaster of Check the Evidence and co-author of 911: Finding the Truth)

Tina Foster has given us a very good book [The Splitting Image]: clearly written, well-organized and on a topic of increasing importance. She discusses many examples, including Joseph Stalin, General Bernard Montgomery, Saddam Hussein and Kim Jong II...
~ Dr. Jim Fetzer. Please read more at "On Seeing Doubles"

Excellent, well documented and detailed. The Splitting Image explores the methods and extent of the use of doubles by powerful leaders to achieve their goals and cement their power. The book gives compelling examples of controversial uses of doubles in some of history's most important events. Well written and well documented, this book sheds light on some perplexing anomalies in recent world events.

Things are not always what they seem and The Splitting Image offers some intriguing answers to why that is.

After reading this book, you may never look at your world leaders the same way again.
~ Marco Casta, Feb. 2017

Tina Foster lays the foundation that body doubles have been forced upon us by military, Intelligence agencies and the unseen shadow government behind the Illuminati to deceive us. It is no coincidence then that these "powers that be" engineered the replacement of Paul McCartney in August 1966. This book is crucial in understanding what goes on today in plain sight!
~ Answers For The Paranormal, June 2, 2017

I finished reading this book last night. I read it in one sitting. I liked it very much. I found the subject fascinating. I hope Miss Foster writes another book soon. I would definitely purchase it. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to know whats really going on behind the scenes!
~ Christine Wickman, Jan. 2017

Black-Ops and historical doplegangers are all unearthed in Tina Foster's new block-buster expose' on secret governments, deep-black projects and political intrigue. Don't miss this classic work of investigative reporting.
~ Michael Hall, March 2017

Excellently written and extensively researched. An indispensable must-read for anyone interested in the use of replacements of some of the major players in history. I read this in one sitting. I couldn't put it down.
~ Rick Martinez, Feb. 2017

I totally enjoyed reading Tina's book on the historical usage of doubles around the world, especially in political cases like the one with Stalin. It's amazing what they could do 'way back when', and I can only imagine how clever they've become over the last 70 years. I'd probably not even recognize my own mother by this time, the transformation would be so complete on an imposter these days! I recommend Tina Foster's work highly.
~ Christie Ann C., April 12, 2017

It was a great read and it didn't get too controversial which is hard to do in this age of replaCIAments.
~ Richard O., Jan. 2017

Blew my mind! We've been doing this a long time so proof is there! Great work! Cant wait for your next book!
~ Carol Leib, March 2017

Excellent book!
~ Amanda McCall, March 2017

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About the Author
Tina Foster has been researching the history of doubles in intelligence psychological operations since 2008. Tina has published many related articles on her popular blog, Plastic Macca. She has also been a guest on numerous radio shows, and is considered to be an expert in the field.

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