A Zetacean's Guide to Life in This Universe


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Publisher: Auriga Books, First Edition (November 19, 2013
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A Zetacean's Guide to Life in This Universe

Author: Wuono
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Alien entities from the planet Lukr are on a mission to Earth. “Zetaceans” are how many think of us because Lukr is in the Zeta Reticuli star system. As you consider whether or not to read this book, bear in mind that channeled communications from extraterrestrials are not that common. In this book, Wuono describes home life on Lukr, how and why Zetaceans came to Earth, and insights we have gained from our many experiences. Sit back and get ready for an unusual take on life in this universe.

Reader Reviews
The Zetacean Guide spans parapsychology, cosmology, religion and spirituality to cast a description of how beings from another region of our galaxy have come among us and benevolently infiltrated humanity since the beginnings of known history. While it won't fail to raise certain eyebrows, this tale makes for a gripping read. It radically departs from traditionally accepted ideas, yet is anchored in similar roots to our widely embraced Judeo-Christian religions.

Fusing creationist theory with intergalactic astrophysics, the Zetacean Guide brings unusual insight into what our universe might actually be. This is perhaps also a preferred guide for those of us who don't like soup, perhaps reminded of our lowly beginnings in a chaotic magma?

This book addresses cognition through a fragmented spatial localization of conscience. The motive for separation into individual consciousness is said to grant a view of creation from multiple vantage points, using motion and experience to generate a kaleidoscope of perspectives, the sum of which leads to universal awareness.

Unaligned with conventional thinking, adepts of an Inner Earth theory may find intriguing how the Zetacean Guide refers to an inner sun, each planet integrating at its core a natural reactor propelling its trajectory. And those fascinated by Stargates may also be amazed at the postulate that they indeed exist, but within each atom of matter, and hence are not to be found at any singular location in space.

Said to be from the higher reaches of a stacked multidimensional universe, Zetacean souls have an ability to project into assorted bodies anywhere in the cosmos, preferring incarnation by natural birth to better adapt to the environment and often selecting planet Earth for the contrasting experiences it can provide. 

Originating in a higher dimension, Zetaceans also bring humans new insight into unexplained phenomena. Capable of inter-dimensional jumps, we learn that Zetaceans are here today on a mission as a rescue team dispatched by the Creator against dark entities who have gained influence over Earth.  For demonic reptilians, whose intelligence is dissociated from love, oppress humanity from the depths of a hellish netherworld with a plague of suffering, sorrow and death.

Similarly to biblical accounts widely accepted by billions of believers, humanity is described as enslaved by demonic creatures who design the materialistic shackles of economic bondage and possess a ruling elite of traitors who in exchange for wealth and power deliver us to their masters.

Yet free will and self-determination of all living creatures are part of the divine manifest described. While cruelty is a vocation for demons who relish the horrors of the abyss of darkness, all creatures have a conscience connected to the Creator and can heed its calling to ascend through redemption or descend further into the depths of hell.

This book also outlines stratagems in the ongoing battle between Zetaceans and Reptilian entities, along with explanations of the fatality of life paths, angelic protection and divine intervention and presents a concrete example of the epic struggle between these forces.

The Zetacean Guide, beyond its calling as a reference work for stranded Zetaceans stuck on this planet, serves to update in contemporary terms much of the lore divulged in ancient times through messianic revelations and religious scripture. From the Zoroastrians to more recent declinations of faith, many are the parallels which can be made.

If for nothing else this book makes for an entertaining read, while at the same time popping the lid on many deep rabbit holes which some may wish to further explore. A highly recommended work for those with an open mind and the ability to reposition ideas between multiple contexts.
~ Richard O., Paris, France

Thank you for the first edition of your new book. I read it twice to make sure that it all sank in. It is a very good read, and I'll be buying a copy when you publish it. I bet you could have written three times or more on this subject!
I was relieved that the Akashic Record stated that we have succeeded at this time...I didn't like to read that it could be changed subject to a timeline manipulation! 
It was interesting to read about the use of deprivation tanks. I read a lot of this years ago when I studied Dr. John Lilly's books. 

So...I'm in...I really liked it just the way it is. Good stuff; well worth reading.
~ David G., Seattle, Washington

This book has a surreal feeling, almost as though it were translating and transcribing an alien transmission.
~ Christine Wickman

This book describes an alternative view on the creation of the universe. It also describes how a being from another star system can merge with a body on earth in order to help fight the demonic forces on earth. And it describes the actions undertaken to defeat the demonic forces. The book is interesting, informative and well written.
In the beginning, before the creation of the universe, a dense chemical, electromagnetic soup existed at that initial stage. The Creator formed denser forms out of the original soupy universal material. Once forms of denser matter had been separated out, the Creator infused each form with consciousness. Having consciousness allowed each form to peer out onto its surroundings from its location in space. The forms thought that they would like to travel to different locations. Planets coalesced out of the soupy mixture using a centrifugal force field to push away and against other forms. Each one used the other to put itself in motion. The Creator fashioned tracks in space for the celestial bodies to follow. As the matter moved along its circular track, it began to take a round shape. Bodies in space jet along by their own nuclear reaction. At the core of each celestial body is located a nuclear ‘plant’.

Zetaceans are souls that originate in the Zeta Riticuli star systems. Zetaceans can remote view onto any planet they like. At the time that a foetus in the womb of an earth mother is developing, Zetaceans ask the body if they could share the body and incarnate in the body. Bodies usually allow it. Zetaceans have the ability to jump across space and time. Zetaceans are now on planet earth in a physical mode that allows for interaction.
Since the start of the creation of the universe, demonic beings have been in control of this part of the universe.
While on earth, Zetaceans try to bring information to the population about the demonic-reptilian treat for takeover of our planet. But humans seem to prefer living in a fantasy to living in reality. The most difficult thing has proven to be getting people to take their blinders off. But as more people come into contact with the truth, the energy shifts to a higher frequency. At a higher frequency, it is harder to conceal the truth. As more light is shone on the information, the harder it is to conceal dark secrets.

In a future timeframe, the forces of light (the Cetaceans and other alien beings that are here to help) will overwhelm the forces of the dark side. But it will still be a while before the changes manifest.
The Beatles were agents of Creator. Together they formed a formidable opposition to demonic hegemony on this planet. The Beatles manifested high frequency energy in their music that created a polar opposite on human consciousness. As the good vibrations of the Beatles’ songs began to take over the radio waves, a transformation in humanity began to take shape. But the demonic element was not pleased. Acting through their agents on earth – the illuminati – the demons assassinated Paul McCartney in 1966. The demon-possessed illuminati replaced him with a double.

Also of interest are the two following books if you're interested in learning more about what is behind the current situation in the world:
"Alien invasion, reptilians, cetaceans and frequency wars on planet earth".
"Forbidden secrets of the illuminati: the luciferian deception".
~ Caroline (Amazon review)

This book is very well written and it contains very interesting information.
Wuono describes how life at her home planet of Lukr is, how and why Zetaceans came to Earth, and what insights they have gained from many experiences. “Zetaceans” are how they like to call themselves because Lukr is in the Zeta Reticuli star system. After many cycles of birth, death, and rebirth Zetaceans have discovered some important truths they would like to share. Wuono shares this information with us in her book.
Good stuff; well worth reading.
~ Gerard (Amazon review)

I just finished this book and it does have me questioning reality as we know it. It explains how life on our planet could become much more enjoyable if we would just align ourselves with the forces for good. To me, it's a no-brainer. It truly takes very little effort to try to do the right thing, to be a good person, to feel love and compassion for those whom you come in contact with. These are the things that will drive the forces of evil off of our planet. I'm taking Wuono's advice very seriously as should everyone who has the pleasure of reading this book. Namaste indeed !!!
~ Hervzwell (Amazon review)


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