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Auriga Books, LLC endeavors to provide books on subjects you will not find elsewhere. Our books range from translations on horse-training theory (dressage) to motivational books on improving business skills to exposés on the Illuminati and the impostor-replaceement agenda. The latest, Den of Vipers, exposes the corrupt banking system. Check out our selection of books - you may find something of interest!

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Den of Vipers

Den of Vipers: Central Banks & the Fake Economy
Cynthia F. Hodges, JD. LLM, MA

Central banks have wrested control of national economies from elected officials and have hijacked financial policy-making. This book paints a bleak picture of the economic landscape in an effort to warn investors and other interested parties of the potential dangers that lie ahead. Well into the so-called “booming economic times,” stress fractures in the foundation are becoming increasingly apparent. Eventually, the financial house of cards will collapse. Anyone who is caught unaware risks losing everything. Unlike some doom and gloom books, Den of Vipers offers doable solutions to economic woes created by a secretive clique of banking insiders. Strategies on how to protect one’s assets and even profit from a systemic breakdown are also explored. Anyone who is concerned about their financial future and is not convinced by the empty assurances of the mainstream media would benefit from reading this book.

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